How to Refill Vape Juice?

    Many of you must have switched from smoking to vaping as you find it to be a similar experience. Also, it is much convenient and easy too and that is why many people all over the world are getting drawn to vaping.

    If you look deeper then you will find that this hobby is much more sophisticated too. Also, you are able to learn more about the use of vape juice with your own personal experience rather than reading about it.

    People who have been regular smokers are able to quickly adopt to this technique as compared to people who wants to vape for the first time.

    However, by reading about vaping and trying different juices like vapetasia and candy king vape juice from eliquid depot, which is also known as e-juice you can learn many facts about it which is essential for you to know before you indulge in vaping.

    Vaping may need some practice and by using proper technique, you will really make lots of difference.

    How to refill vape juice?

    Initially, most people will be worried about wasting their vape juice however with some practice, it will become easier.

    1. Do the preparation

    Before you try to refill, make sure that your battery is unscrewed so that there is no danger of saturation of the battery.

    1. Inspect the tank

    Inspect the tank before pouring vape juice and if you find any burn marks then replace the tank.

    1. Do the refill

    Now drip the juice with single drop and don’t fill more than 75% of the tank. In most cases you will drop about 25 to 30 drops.

    Avoid dry hits

    Initially most of you will experience dry hit. In order to avoid it do the following –

    1. Check the coil

    If your tank is empty then check the coil as it usually lasts couple of weeks.

    1. Running on empty

    Make sure that the tank does not remain empty and make a habit of refilling every day.

    1. Prime the coil

    Allow some time so that the cotton may absorb vape juice.

    Be careful about power vaping

    Many people often make some technical adjustments to obtain more electrical power out of batteries. Those vapers have expertise and can do it safely. However, if you have no knowledge about it then better avoid doing this.

    It may overheat few components and can cause damage too.

    Avoid chain vaping

    Chain vaping means vaping too rapidly and many people who switch from smoking often tend to do this. Chain vaping may be ok for some time but with too much repetition it may end up with dry hit.

    Stay hydrated

    Vaping often cause dehydration, particularly if you try to make bigger cloud. Therefore, you must prefer to use VG as it can help in creating denser cloud.

    However, it is always better to stay hydrated as dehydration may cause your body to be less efficient and may cause number of issues such as halitosis and tooth decay etc. Therefore, you must take sufficient amount of water.

    Develop your own style of vaping

    There are two different styles which are very common in vaping which is mouth-to-lung known as MTL and direct-to-lung that is DTL. Both have their own benefits and you may choose as per your choice.

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