Free tour of our headquarters

Every once in a while, we organize an open day. In other words, people can visit out headquarters and spend an entire day in there – chances are they will need more than that. You will gain access to over 100,000 titles in the original edition. Exactly! You will find the initial release of some of your favorite fantasy stories. Plus, our headquarters is organized like a museum, so you can explore such books while walking around antique furniture.

Book signing events

With so many authors supporting The Argemmios Editions, we cannot post all the book signing events out there. For this reason, each of our books includes more contact details for future references. If you are interested in a particular author, simply get in touch with us and we will reply with a list of future book signing events.

Helping you meet your favorite authors

We organize authors' party events on a regular basis. These events are held all across France – sometimes, over the borders as well. All in all, they are public events, meaning we book a whole venue where authors get to hang around, but also to meet their fans and share some ideas. There will be live music, food and drinks.